About Shine Dancing

Local to the Yarra Valley area, we provide both a night of dancing and socializing, to non-stop music, for anyone from die -hard rockabilly and rock n roll fans to everyone who likes to periodically sway their hips to addictive beats of good ol’ rock n roll! To start you off, the dance teacher will guide you through wonderful moves of rock n roll, followed by social dancing, where you get to take new moves straight to the dance floor Suitable for all levels with both beginners, improvers and intermediate and advanced classes. Dust of those shoes and join us on for a night you will not forget!

Rock ‘N’ Roll Dance Classes

Tuesday Classes

Location: Yarraburn Centre – 1 Park Rd, Yarra Junction, Vic. 7pm – 8pm  Beginners & Improvers 8pm-9pm Intermediate and Advanced 9pm Free Social Dancing

Thursday Classes

Location: Healesville Senior Citizens Crn Green and River Street, Healesville. 7pm-8pm Beginners & Improvers 8pm-9pm Intermediate & Advanced 9pm Free Social Dancing